We are all brothers and sisters

Here are some pictures of my new house. It is nice from the outside and modest from the inside. As usual a lot of effort was put into the flowers in the bathroom. Do you remember the bathroom from Amman? Strangely done but lots of flowers and a little gold here and there. The shower and toilet are leaking in one of the two bathrooms but inshallah it will be repaired … And luckily the house is equiped with two bathroom.

Strangely somebody managed to make this hole into the wall that protects my new house. This hole made by a car that had some kind of very strange accident. I am not sure how this was possible. I mean there is not even the problem with drunk driving here…
hole in the wall
hole in the wall 2

In order to get some groceries and cleaning stuff for the house I walked to the supermarket.
At this mosque I have to turn left in order to find my house again.

During walking I already thought that is not a walking distance as it was described on the leaflet that came with the house. Maybe it would be walking distance in Berlin or Oslo but with 40 degrees 25 minutes of walking is not really a good idea. I went to one of the bigger supermarkets – or as they are called here – GIFT MARKET -. While being in the supermarket I found more and more useful things and ended up with too many things to carry home by myself. That’s why I planned to take a taxi for the way back, but unfortunately the street was empty and no taxis where around. Actually there were no cars at all:)… for several minutes. But then I was lucky and two completely veiled women in an extremely huge SUV shouted at me “Hey Sista” and gave me a ride to my house because we are all human beings and have to live together. Good to be a sista, I thought. Everywhere I go I find this very friendly atmosphere which I am very amazed of. People are so hospitable and warm.

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