The house and the movies

The second night in the house was already better than the first. After cleaning up for several hours the house looks like it can be nice to live in it. During cleaning I found a Christmas tree made of plastic which might be useful in December. I also found a third bathroom that I did not knew about before. Now I have three half working bathrooms:) Fortunately I could hire a handyman who promised to fix everything today. Hopefully he is coming back, I gave him money for the things he needed to buy to get everything working again. Strange to move into a house for some month and the first thing you do is paying to make it possible to live in it. I would have prefered a house that was already working … Thought, if people from school have leaved in it before they would have been interested in a completely working house as well …
In order to avoid staying in a house that is not ready to use I have to find other things to do. On Fridays you can’t find that many distractions in this region. Since I already saw both museums, the castles and the oasis, I thought it would be a nice idea to go swimming. There three hotels with swimming pools in the area and all of them have special offers for single women. I chose a place people in school already told me about. The water was warm but I had a refreshing afternoon and the possibility to take shower. The showers in my house are getting fixed today, so this was a nice opportunity:)
My new travelling mate Sabine wanted to celebrate her birthday on Thursday. Unfortunately we did not really know what to do. I started with bringing a cake to school, putting candles on top and enjoyed when everybody was singing. In school we have the rule that during Ramadan it is allowed to eat and drink in the kitchen as long as the door is closed. In this way the teachers get less disturbed. In the evening we went to a shopping centre in al-Ain intending to watch a movie at the cinema. Due to moral restrictions the choice in films was not very inviting. In order to avoid sexual scenes they just showed thrillers and action movies. The only thing that might have been OK to watch was an animated kids movie about raining meatballs. Sabine did not wanted to see it and I am not a fan of meatballs. Plus, the characters looked a lot like the ones from Monsters vs. Aliens 8at least the female on the poster). But talking about moral restrictions in movies, I have to mention that I was able to watch some films in the hotel. Some of them were difficult to understand due to the amount of scenes that where missing because of medial censorship. In Romantic comedies a lot of important scenes where left out. One movie was about a married guy who was composing for Broadway musicals. He was in a relationship with a women (His wife?) but seemed to be gay at the same time. At least in some scenes it seemed that he was in involved in romantic behaviour with men. It took me a long time to understand this, it is very difficult to follow the story if a lot of scenes are cut out. At the end I changed the channel.
In the new house I do not have TV nor Internet. OK, in ‘emergencies’ I can use the internet dongle, but somehow Oman Mobile charges different prices every time and I rather use a quick and cheap connection from an internet cafe instead of an expensive and slow one.

Something else: My paper is almost ready and needs to be read by a native speaker of English language. Is anybody of you interested? It is not long :)

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  1. Katja says:

    When is the paper due? I have a conference next week. But if its not a rush I can have a look over it afterwards.

  2. nele says:

    Thanks, I just send it to you…

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