I am still always a little surprised to see that everybody who works in the service sector in the UAE is a foreigner. I know in Oslo most of the people who work in the service sector are foreigners as well but usually they look like the locals and that makes it less obvious. Mostly I think to myself that in Germany it is different because a) we have enough people b) we have enough people without a proper education and c) we have a three years (state approved) training for selling things or being a waiter. But back to the Gulf- every time somebody asks me where I am from I can ask back:)and I like it! Today I went to an glasses shop to get sunglasses. Yes! I decided I can see more with sunglasses with prescription than with my cheap cheap H&M sunglasses. Finally! The optition was from the Philippines and I was her first German customer. In Oman it seems to be mixed and locals are working as well, even in shops. As Katja said more foreigners are working in Muscat but even there I could find locals working, for example, with tourists. Issa, the guy who drove the boat to the Dolphins was one of them. First, I thought he would be Pakistani as the other people working at the marina centre because he spoke their language as well. It is funny how you learn another language through the people you work with. In al-Ain in the Hypermarket (yes! I have never been to a Hypermarket and have to write the word because it was such an extra ordinary event) today I found my self surprised about overhearing Emiratees speaking English with a guy who was in charge of selling vacuum cleaners. For me it is just difficult to imagine somebody selling vacuum cleaners Germany using English…

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