more sisters

So, still no internet at home and as far as I know now internet at home won’t happen at all. Seems like things work better from sister to sister because today my sister at the internet company told me that she is looking for the access passwords to my personal happiness. Unfortunately she could not find them in any of the folders. Yes! the user configuration passwords for the router are printed out and then saved in a folder. There does not seem to be a digital copy:( But at least my sister tried and at the end she was very kind in telling me that she did her best … but besides that she can’t find the password it would not be legal to give it to me either (because it is not my account). My friend in the internet cafe was very happy about this because he thinks it is better if I come to visit him every now and then:)
Now I try to use mobile broadband with a company that seems to be more reliable and see how this works.
I really start liking gender separation in some parts of daily life. While in the post office everybody buys stamps together in one room, in the Omani banks genders are separated as in the Emirates. I did not knew this until today when I paid my rent for the first time. It saves a lot of time going to the ladies branch of the bank instead of waiting with the men. And also in the bank I have found a new sister who was very kind, helping me quickly and said she will be there for me any time. I like my two new sisters, especially because I always wished for some growing up with two brothers.

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