There is not so much going on at the moment I am finishing a essay and that keeps me entertained.
I really feel like going out dancing at the weekend but because I don’t know anybody here I guess I will do something else. Have to do a visa trip anyway. Instead of giving visas for a long period of time authorities here think it is easier if you just enter and leave the country once a month. As long as I am in Buraimi I can live on an UAE visa but I can’t enter al Ain with a Omani Visa. Another strange thing is that you can’t get the Omani visa at the border in Buraimi. I have to drive for something like an hour until I get to the Omani border and get my passport stamped (even if I am already in Oman). Maybe it is beach time at the weekend and I will relax.

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2 Responses to Visa

  1. Katja says:

    That sounds silly. However, still much less traumatic than the absurd adventures to be had in the Mugamma in Cairo. Did you ever have to go through that?

  2. nele says:

    Fortunately I alway stayed less than a month, no need for going to Mugamma. The good thing about the visa is that you are forced to entertain yourself with little trips..

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