new things every day

Two new experiences today. First I found another form of Lebanese and German friendship: The za’atar prezel :) It is the size and shape of a Bavarian prezel but instead of salt it is decorated with za’atar. Very tasty!
The second thing was that I could take a taxi and the driver new where I live. I did not need to explain the short cut to my house. It is nice to know that the city is so small that people know me after almost two month but it felt a bit strange too.

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2 Responses to new things every day

  1. Katja says:

    Ohhh, Za’atar pretzel sounds wonderful! Didn’t see those in Muscat. Take a picture when you can :-)

    As for living in a small town: well it probably helps that there aren’t THAT many red-headed foreign girls living in your town. Makes you pretty easy to remember. But it is nice, especially when people at the grocery store or at your favorite restaurant remember you and know what you like. Makes you feel a little more like you are at home.

  2. nele says:

    Yes! In Norway the girl at the bakery made me feel like home because she always asked things besides which bread I wanted. I like that too.

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