Since everybody is asking:

No, I do not wear a hijab. The law is not forcing me to do it and it is not expected of foreigners to wear a hijab and abaya – But I am not wearing a mini skirt or shorts and t-shirt either. Long sleeves and long trousers are OK to wear. If I am invited to a conservative family I should wear a long skirt. This does need mean a skirt that ends at the knees, it means a skirt that ends at the ankles (or the ground).
And the other question that everybody asks. Yes I am lonely! But I don’t mind it so much since I got used to it in Oslo. In addition, I compensate with shopping, chocolate and yoga. As well I am not completely alone, I know some people like the guy from the internet cafe whom I visit every now and then. On Sunday we will install ubuntu at his laptop and then we see if the whole internet cafe should get ubuntu because of all the viruses with windows. I am not really connect to the other foreigners since it is difficult for me to listen to bible school and other Christian rants. So don’t worry- I still feel well.

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