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It is getting cold. I am sick for the second time in a month because I always forget to wear enough when going out. Today was already gloves weather and tomorrow I might even add a cap. It is impossible to look nice and be dressed warm at the same time and I guess it is getting worse.
Yesterday I went to on a nice bike tour with the people of “critical mass“. Later I went to a party for the new Ubuntu version. This is all part of the my plan for this fall/winter “get to know people that are not working with me”. The bike tour was called protest/demonstration and was connected to the global action day for protecting the environment. My company for the day was my new co-worker from Italy. She was surprised that people in a country like Norway were protesting at all since everything seemed to be in order and working here. It was the perfect weather and so I guess some 60 people showed up, maybe not much more. It seemed that at least half of them were expats, I heard a lot of English, German and some French and Italian. Surprisingly, there was no police involved. Non at all. This appears strange to me because even protest of kinder gardens in Berlin are accompanied by police. A day earlier somebody told me that they have too little staff to have policemen on the street especially at night and at the weekends. ???. Since this was a nice group of protesters we stopped at every red light and let people cross the street. The whole thing was very well documented. Lots of protesters were also taking pictures and filming constantly. Four ours after the protest we could already find videos on youtube.

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