Two days without youtube

The other day we were talking about how our lives were before youtube. It was not long ago that it was invented but I remember that I was good in distracting myself even before 2005.Since there was an increase in comments on my youtube addiction I thought it might be nice to stop using it for two days. I use youtube for everything, not only watching people hit each other with a spoon or laughing about dogs on skate boards. Youtube helps me repair things, you tube shows me how to threat my new sewing machine, I watch lectures on youtube, interviews, before I went to see my doctor in Berlin in summer I could already see what kind of person he was – on youtube. And of course I take part in every day life and get my daily fix of in pop culture on youtube. Two days without youtube are very strange. Not only do people send me all kinds of videos everyday, videos are often added to texts on blogs or news feeds. This means, with avoiding it for two days I kind of just go half of the information. Especially sad is when my friends are talking about something funny and I can’t relate because I am on a youtube detox. Now that the two days are over I can say that is definitely possible to live without it but it is much more fun with it. Maybe this is just something that improves my quality of life and if it is there it is ok to make use of it despite the comments.

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