10 days later

Life gets back to normal. This morning I passed by Dom Kirke, the church that serves as a memorial sight at the moment. They start to clean up a little and open one road again that had been closed for the last days in order to have more space for all the roses people laid down to honour the dead. Next Monday there will be a memorial celebration on campus.
Last weekend people already went out drinking and dancing again which makes me believe that the first shock is over and now it is time to work on what has happened and what went wrong. There is still a lot of talking about more openness, more democracy and more looking out for one another. And I have the feeling that something is going on, with little steps. It seems that people are taking more care now. I saw young helping the old, men helping women with prams and it even happens that sober Norwegians (that I did not know before) talked to me. This is all very new and maybe this is really the right way to fight back. Fighting back with love. I am very impressed by all the politicians that immediately went for an argument of defence through love and tolerance. It is still to see what will happen and what will change but they way it is dealt with the events at this very moment is very touching. Usually, I believe in the destructive powers of people and all these reactions give me a little bit of hope.

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