30 days Bikram Yoga challenge, half way through

The 30 days challenge means that I do 30 times Bikram Yoga in 30 days. If I skip a class one day, I can do two classes another day. Bikram Yoga means 26 positions plus 2 breathing exercise in 90 minutes in 40 degrees heat and 40 percent humidity. So far I could not go to one class and have to do a double some time soon.

So far I feel very good doing it. Most important is to eat balanced and drink a lot. I can feel that I am a lot more bendy now. At day eleven I had a break through because it was the first time in my life I could straighten my legs in this position:

It felt really good!

So far I gained two kilos and I guess that is because I strengthen my body a lot and my muscles increase. Appearance wise I stand much more straight and my skin is very soft and clear. The Sanskrit professor asked me if I had a boyfriend now because my appearance seems to have changed. I told her about my fear of compromising and commitment and left before I could get more into detail.
Thesis wise the challenge helps a lot because my focus is much stronger now and my motivation has increased. The yoga teachers also often repeat motti such as “mind over the matter” or “the only way out is though”. For thesising this makes a lot of sense, so I start believing in them.

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