The most uncomfortable thing about writing a PhD in a remote place is that I miss out on ALL the good parties. It is not just one or two but every single time there is something amazing happening, I can be sure that I can’t come because I have to do stuff. Dancing is really one of the best things in my life and missing out on it makes me very unhappy. Of course if this is my biggest problem I can consider my self unbelievably lucky. Of course I am grateful for being so lucky. Still, sometimes it feels like stones are putting pressure on my heart when I see which events I miss out on. Maybe I just study dance parties in my post doc research project, just to get healthy, you know.

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2 Responses to dance

  1. Katja says:

    Yes, switch to anthropology and study dance parties. It’s totally legit! And then you can also study Bikram Yoga…

  2. nele says:

    Yes, I will do that!

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