season is changing

Eid al-Fitr started yesterday. On my street everybody was dressed in new and beautiful garments. Little girls wearing their new dresses with pride and every body seems to happy. Our Eid gift this year was receiving online access at home, finally, after three month of waiting. What a great gift! I am a little unhappy that Ramadan is over because I think the shop opposite my house will stop selling tasty Middle Eastern candy and pastries.

When I look outside my window I see leaves falling from the trees. A third of them turned brownish already. It is switching between sun and rain. My room mate is thinking about purple Wellies

Yesterday I took the tram to work and smiled. Listening to funny music makes me smile. Listening to Chiptune makes me happy. Especially in the morning when it is grey outside. While my inside happiness got visible on my face, I must have smiled at the lady sitting on the opposite seat. Her face froze and she immediately grabbed her bag in fear. Now I know that I look like a pick pocket.

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