Annual wrap up 2012

This year was a little bit like the Hobbit movie: It had some exciting parts and a lot of long stretches that I wished would have been summed up faster.

Academically the following happened: I submitted my PhD, I started giving an Arabic tutorial for BA students, I got my PhD approved, I went to Paris to a conference and it was the first time I did not need to defend internet studies combined with literature studies, I started teaching a MA class on the online sphere in the Arab World, I defended my PhD, finally got a nice article published, and I graded my first MA student.

Personally: In the beginning of the year I was tiered of the ice, two room mates moved out, one room mate moved in, I grew closer to some people, with others life led each of us in different directions. My traveling was very limited this year due to a lot of work, summer was short, and now I am tiered of the ice again.

As always my most favorite days were set around the dance floor. Memorable was the day I went to a day time rave in the forest with Lilli in summer, taking Kelly to his first real club in spring and generally getting Jeff’s support on Oslo’s weekends all year.
My favorite exhibition this year was Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern.
Music wise there was plenty of enjoyable mixes and tracks but I especially liked this one

Islands – “Hallways” from Lex Halaby on Vimeo.

this one

and this one

In total I must say that I very much look forward to new challenges and adventures in the next year.

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2 Responses to Annual wrap up 2012

  1. E-rika says:

    And I look forward to seeing you next year!

  2. peggy says:

    klingt alles in allem doch ganz gut oder?
    besonders deine leistungen natürlich!

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