I will be moving to Singapore in two days. This is an exciting step as I move from four years of winter to two years of summer, from a very selected choice of vegetarian food to a culinary paradise. I am very happy to be prepared and have visited the city before because I already know that I like it.

The first boxes are packed and the last suit cases will be packed in no time. For the weekend I already organized some viewings for apartments and the rest is taken care off by my future research institute. Until now waves of warm welcome messages are send in my direction which makes me super excited about my new home.

Of course I will miss the dirt on Berlin’s streets and the very distinct Techno parties you just find here. But that is something I can look forward to when coming back for summer holidays. As always I have to say good bye to my friends which makes me sad but it appears that more people will come by and visit me.

For the moment I am just super psyched to start a new adventure and discover a new city.

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