eating everything

Meeting for food is one of most important things to do here. I eat constantly. When I arrived, one of my co-workers told me that he gained 10 Kilos during the last year due to the amounts of food that he goes through on a regular basis. The food is just really good here. If I gain another 10 Kilos I have to be moved around in a wheelchair and that is why I go running every day now.
Through work we have to eat a lot. Besides the several co-workers that fed me before Ramadan started, there are lunches and dinners on a regular basis. I think I had at least three lunches and a dinner every week since I arrived. Through this lunches I meet a lot of interesting people, during the last weeks I already had dinner with a former Iraqi minister and a former Tunisian minister. On the one hand it is really nice to have socials like this but on the other hand there is no time to rest.
During the last three weeks I had fantastic food from all over the region and I can’t wait to travel and try out more things. My first stop is Kuala Lumpur that I will visit for Eid. More food and a happy family to spend time with.

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