On having a name nobody can pronounce

Usually, people ask me how to pronounce my name. I am OK with explaining once or twice how my family would say my name but then I really get tiered of it. Nobody says my name right and that is completely fine with me. I do not care about how people say my name because I did not pick it and it has no meaning to me. Lately, people ask me very often how to pronounce my name. I assume living in a country with so many different cultures it is important to nicely show respect to others with making an afford to at least pronounce their names right. Sometimes, if you do not pronouns a name right, it can mean something else in the language of origin. I can’t pronounce the name of one of my roommates because it comes from a language with a sound that I have difficulties imitating. She knows that and just told me to call her by her nickname that is much easier for me. This is pragmatic. I usually tell people my name is Nelly after the third time they asked how to say my name and not getting it right. Nelly is close enough for me. In many countries people have the same name. I mean many people share the same first name. In Egypt it is Ahmed or Mohammed. In Germany I think most men my age are called, Fabian, Steph/fan, Florian, Tobias or Alexander. I am pretty sure no matter if you are from Egypt or Germany people in other countries do not pronounce your name the same way your parents do. That is OK. Maybe we should reconsider the concept of names.

An for the German speakers here is something funny related to names

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