In Oslo it happened regularly that we met for dinner as a kind of nerdfest. All PhD students with a lot of work and a lot of tension triggered by guild. Getting together with five or six people and eat, chat, and relax was a great way to spend time in the final year of thesising. Often this dinners turned into small dance parties. We just turned on some Balkan Beats or Arabic pop and the whole bunch got up to dance. I called it therapy dance because it helped getting the tension out and also there was no need for talking any more. A great way to release everything that was stuck in body and heart.
In Singapore, it seems there is a collective dance therapy -many people go out dancing in bars and clubs on the weekend. And many people do not seem to care about how they look while they are dancing and how any body else looks when they are dancing. It is just about having a good time. No stuck up people and no arrogance. No people who are watching the dance floor without moving. People work very much, so there is definitely a need to release the pressure of the week and let go. I think we should have therapy dancing everywhere. Always.

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