Being good at things

Yesterday night I went to a very nice concert. They played Brahms with violin and piano. I have a music buddy here in Singapore that goes to concerts with me. We already went to a great jazz club with a fantastic saxophonist, and last week we saw the XX in  a huge music hall that looked like an UFO. It is nice to have friend for this and not needing to go by myself. However, all this concerts reminded me of my childhood. To be precise, they reminded me of the time when I played violin, and piano, and saxophon. I was encouraged to try everything and that made me try everything. From music instruments to fencing to football. Everything.  Somehow, I stoped with everything but painting. This is mostly due to the fact that I am quite mediocre at things I like and much better in things that challenge me. All my music teachers told me that my skills were rather mediocre and my arts teacher in school told me my grade referd to the quantity of paintings that I produce and not to their quality. When people tell me I am mediocre at something it does not encourage me to study more but leads me to quitting stuff. The only place where people told me that my cultural output was between good and excellent was university. I don’t understand why the things I enjoy doing are not the things I am good at and the things I am good at are rather exhausting for me. I recently read an article about this phenomenon and it seems that this happens to many people – so at least I am not alone with that.

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