Upsides and downsides

I wrote this earlier but my blog was offline…

Now, I live in Singapore for some weeks. Today is her national day and it is time to think about what I enjoy about her and where we might need some counseling sessions.

Starting with the bad things: I find it extraordinary exhausting to have a work-life balance. I work at least nine hours a day. Most of the time I work twice as much as I did in my Oslo job. Work life balance is difficult for me because I am used to not balancing work and life and just live more than I work. hmmmmm… Since I do not want to miss out more on life I just sleep less.
However, Fabi told me that Confucius says that in the decade of your 30th to 40th year of life you are meant to work hard. Hence, it seems only natural. Nonetheless, I was too lazy to actually check if this statement is true .
Another thing that I dislike are the very crowded trains in the mornings. Sometimes, I have to let two or three trains go by until I can enter one of them that takes me to work. This will possibly change when my office moves in January.
And then there is the constant surveillance, warnings of possible terror attacks in every train and train station, the encouragement to report suspicious people, in addition to all restriction and fine signs: Don’t eat, don’t play, don’t feed the monkeys …

What I LIKE about Singapore is that I haven’t had any boring moments so far. I am the most easily board person on the planet, so not being board is something that makes me want to stay. I meet tons of very nice humans that I enjoy spending time with. There is plenty to do and to see. If I will run out of things to do, I can start traveling more on the weekends.
I love that it is warm and I do not mind the humidity at all. Outside the office or trains I do not need to wear a cardigan.
I am happy that there is so much music in town. Additionally, there are readings, plays and art exhibitions, there is nature around but still a lot of city.
Everybody is friendly and polite and helpful. Much different from being in Berlin, where an expat friend of mine told me that he just went back to his house after he got shouted at four times in one day.

I feel very welcome in Singapore.
When Lotte came to visit me in the Gulf, and we went to Dubai together, she said she feels like being at an airport because the city is populated by so many people from different parts of the planet. It is a little bit the same in Singapore, there are just people from all over the place. My friends are from parts of the world that I have never visited.

The city is a little OCD but I like that she is a very save place and I often like that it is super clean. Just sometimes I think it could be a bit more disorganised and maybe a little bit dirty.

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  1. FrauBHK says:

    very true. I feel the same way about Singapore, its cultural wealth and how welcome one can feel. so hellofrom Singapore to Singapore!

  2. nele says:

    Hello 🙂

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