An overwhelming choice

Once upon a time it was common that people inherited their profession to their children. A son was trained by his father to work in the same job for generations. Say, if your father was an editor it was most likely that you became an editor too. Or if your father was running a bookshop it was most likely that you run a bookshop too. Fortunately, a change happened and people in many societies have a lot more choices to work as what they desire and have a vocation rather than a job.
The same is true for establishing your own family, back in the days some relatives suggest somebody for you to establish a family with. Thanks to some revolutionary generations we now have the illusion to choose our profession and partner. Everything is explained as a social constructed. Everybody is enlightened and possibly spiritually free.
In recent years many of the young people I know complain in general about the wide range of choices they have, and in particular the choice of finding a job to work in. Finding a vocation rather than a profession. Back in the days when the father still trained the son everything seemed to be easier.
And now we have to use OK cupid because nobody in the family feels responsible for our luck of establishing a family. That means you do not need to marry your cousin any more and might avoid inbreeding. On the other hand, OK cupid has so many categories to choose from that you may feel overwhelmed and stop your search altogether.
With all these choices it may be better to stop looking for a vocation and best is not to establish a family.
I guess for the next years I will continue working in a job that my dad has already worked in. I do enjoy it. But I do not want to marry my cousin. That would be too unprogressive, even for me.


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