Occasional tin foil hat

Very selectively I am wearing a tin foil hat. Apart from writing this blog and posting things on twitter, facebook, and soup, my salary and tax payment of the last four years can be found online because I worked in Norway -and that is what they do over there. Despite this very post-private way of life, I still have moments every now and then when I think it would be nice to have some privacy. As we found out during the last month this was more a feeling of having some privacy than actually communicating in private. I used TOR and cryptocat and I also encrypted my SMS – which was kind of funny because it had no use since nobody else encrypts their SMS.
Norway is a country that agreed to the secret ACTA contracts way before people in Germany started protesting against them. A lot of bureaucratic things can be done online which means your data is already somewhere out there. One of my former roommates was involved in making medical data (doctors prescriptions) accessible to pharmacies which means this data is also out there. Put all this information together and you have a rough assumption of my habits.
You see: through my mobile phone you can track where I am and who I am communicating with. Through my credit cards you know what I am buying, my income and medical data is online and I hand you over the missing data on social media and the blog.
When I arrived in Singapore the first thing I noticed was that my SMS encryption did not work any more. Some days later I read that TOR and cryptocat are not as save as I thought.
Why could they not leave me -at least- with the illusion of having some privacy?
Of course you say, Nele! Nobody is looking at your data, you are not that important, you are neither a criminal nor the center of the universe. And I nod, disappointed, and continue spreading my personal data all over the place. You’re welcome!

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