I want to visit the island of the German coconut cult

­Sometimes I have ideas that are a bit uncomfortable to deal with as a German. Let’s take  Halloween last year. I wanted to dress up as Germania. Could also be a Valkyrie or any other female warrior with a shield, a sword, and braided hair. Luckily my friends were OK with this and know that I just wanted to be dressed up as a warrior and that I am not a nationalist. My friends also dressed up accordingly and came as airports, duty free shops, and other things related to nations.

Now, I have one of those desires again. My favourite author is from Switzerland and he writes weird books about weird things. Two years ago he wrote a novel based on a true story about this German guy who established a cult around the coconut. That was approximately hundred years ago. This guy was convinced that the coconut is a fruit that embodies god. The divine fruit. He moved to one of the rare German colonies in the pacific and established his cult on one of the islands. In his cult everybody was supposed to be naked (guess what? German!) and only eat coconuts, nothing else. He published some pamphlets which were distributed in Germany in order to spread the word. Of course this did not really work out and the small group of people that initially came to join him either left the island or died. Not very successful.

Now, I just realized that this island is not very far away from here. Certainly, I have to take a plane and a boat to get there but I have visited quite some places that demanded travelling with a plane and a boat. On the one hand, it sounds a bit unpleasant to say ‘hey, you know, I would like to go visit the old colonies’. I really do not want to give the wrong impression. On the other hand, I would really like to see if there are still leftovers of the cult.

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  1. Peggy says:

    i know one their survivors. he sits right next to me and likes to eat tom ka tofu everyday. sometimes even twice a day.

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