The concept of Western food

I am always surprised what kind of food you can combine in one take-away place. Every day when I went to work in Oslo my tram passed a take-away with the name ‘Balkans’. If I remember correctly, it sold Chinese food, Pizza and Kebab. In Berlin we have plenty of shops that sell Thai, Vietnamese, and Sushi. In Singapore they have the same view on the ‘West’ as Germans have on Asian food. It is all a little bit different but also a little bit the same. Many places offer ‘western’ food in a special section on the menu or a special section of the Hawker center.’Western’ food means Pizza, Pasta and Hamburgers. The other night when I took the elevator up to my apartment I met two neighbors who got very excited to see me because they work in a restaurant near by. The restaurant serves ‘western’ food they told me. Immediately the gave me their business card so I can have the feeling of being home again.
Speaking about food from home. I have never been in a country with so many German restaurants. This is a place that has a German restaurant in every part of the city. There are chains and individual restaurants that sell meat and potatoes and all kinds of German foods. I have not visited any of them yet because German food is not very popular with vegetarians.

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