The other Germans

Most of the time they speak one sentence to me and turn around to leave. As you know, I don’t discriminated on the basis of nationality and I always say that there can be nice people in every country. Even in my own country. While it seems that Italians find each other immediately abroad and instantly become friends, it is almost the opposite with Germans. In Oslo, I was introduced to Germans at many parties. Usually the Germans I got introduced to said ‘hi’ because somebody told them to and then turned around and walked away. Germans are very hostile people. They don’t want to talk to other Germans abroad for reasons that I do not understand. I can’t even guess.
I was lucky that I had some very nice German colleagues at work that understood the feeling of longing for certain products you can just find at home or a club that I missed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to be surrounded by my own people abroad but it is nice if you meet them some times. In Singapore, I was adopted by a German guy whose sister works with my mom. He does not discriminate either and is from this place in Germany that is know for its hospitality and intense celebrations of Karneval. However, on Saturday I met my first hostile German in Singapore. It was so weird that I started smirking. As always, somebody introduced us because we are from the same country. Usually people from the same country get introduced to each other when they are abroad. It is because others assume it is nice to meet somebody with a familiar culture. This young lady reacted exactly like all the hostile Germans I met abroad before. One sentence, turn around, walk away.

Any explanations for this?

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