the train is too full

I am a complainer. It is in my genes half of my family belongs to the people of complainers. Where I come from there is more of us. We are whiny and things are often not as they supposed to be. I always find something to complain about. I also often find things to get super excited about that means it balances out. I get so excited about things that people want the same pills that I supposedly took -or they just get annoyed because walking down a street in Hong Kong just cannot be that exciting.
I also hate things with a passion. I hate snow and ice with a passion. I just hate it and I do not want to be near snow and ice within the next year at least.
I also hate how crowded the train is in the morning and in the evening. The train is just so crowded that I am grateful for people wearing backpacks because that means I don’t need to touch their bodies with mine because there is a backpack between us. A Singaporean friend told me that his backpack is just in use to create this little field of privacy in the trains. It so happens that I hate wearing backpacks with a passion too. So this is not a solution to my propblem. When I wear a backpack in a city I always feel that I look like one of those people with multi-functional tracking cloths. You know. Those people who wear hiking shoes in the city for no reason or Jack Wolfskin jackets. I hate Jack Wolfskin. Also with a passion. My hate for Jack Wolfskin goes so far that my friends send me random pictures of them standing in front of a Jack Wolfskin store or next to a Jack Wolfskin person in different parts of the world. Back to the trains. The trains are so crowded during rush hour that it is impossible to get into the first one that stops, it takes more than two tries to get in and even then people are pushing. They are pushing like they deserve to be the first. They deserve better than pushing into the train every morning. People here are impatient. I am impatient too. On the one hand that means I fit in well on the other hand that means I also feel I deserve to be the first on the train. I can’t cut lines here because everybody sees me from everywhere and I feel awkward sticking out and cutting a line so I just wait.
I get super excited when I get out of the train and walk through the botanic garden to work. Already on the escalator I choose the right track to listen to during the walk. The walk is long enough for one or two songs so I choose wisely. I get excited about the little pond to my left when I walk up to my office. There are black swans in it and people take pictures with them.
This morning I got super excited when I entered my office and read my emails because it seems like I close my first book deal for the institute today and my name will on the cover of the book. I got so excited that I started writing a book proposal for my thesis that I will start sending out next week. So excited that I walk around with a smile on my face all day as if I would be in love. But soon it is back to the train again…

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