New Orleans

Some weeks ago I went to New Orleans for a conference. I went completely ignorant and unprepared because I assumed I would not be able to see something of the city as I was there for work and work kept me busy most of the time. However, on my second day I ran into some friends from Oslo, as it was an international conference it is not unlikely to run into friends, they suggested to go out for dinner. As I had just left the hotel once since my arrival 30 hours earlier, I got extraordinarily excited to discover that New Orleans is a fabulous place. It is very colorful and full of music and bars. All the things I like. Every day there is live music every day in many bars. After the hurricane the city turned into a tourist party paradise with lots of things going on and very pretty buildings. I got most excited about the food and the kindness of everybody I met. It helps that I very much enjoy being called ‘sweetheart’ by everybody who approaches me.


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