Annual Report

This year I learned that if I am patient things turn out just fine. Actually I learned this before. This year I learned to be nicer to people and tried to talk to strangers. This year I tried to be nice to people even if I am not sure if I like them. Turns out, if you give it a try, most people are more loveable than expected.

This year went super fast. I had a very nice farewell party in Oslo that made me very sad because I had to leave all the beautiful people I have met during the last years. Luckily this planet is much smaller than you think and it is possible to meet people in different places.
From Oslo I went to see Erica and Shaun in Munich
From there to Malaysia to visit my Malaysian family for the first time. During this trip I also went to Borneo and Brunei.
Later meeting up with one of the Stefan’s in Singapore.
From Singapore back to Munich where I was too tiered to communicate and then to my step-father’s house, to my mother’s house and to Berlin.
For Easter I went to Poland with Marcin, Lixian, Jeff, and Sarah and if I am not mistaken it was snowing.
I experienced a super cold spring in Berlin that was just starting to get better in the end of May. But my friends and family made it a wonderful experience to be home for so long.
My farewell BBQ in Berlin was fabulous.
In July I moved to Singapore and started a new job.
Øystein and Casey already came for a visit in my second week of being here which I loved. See! The planet is really much smaller than you think.
For Hari Raya I went to Kuala Lumpur.
In September I went to see Raluca in Hong Kong.
In October I went to New Orleans for a conference and met up with the Norwegian bunch of former office friends.
Later that month I went to Los Angeles to meet up with Marissa who I missed since our ways parted in summer after Heather’s and Dieter’s wedding. I also hung out with Mauricio who I hadn’t seen since a decade.
In November I went to Indonesia and again Malaysia.
Soon Lars is coming and we will spend Christmas at the beach.

All in all I am so happy that I moved to the warm country and have the chance to get to know some more wonderful people and beautiful places. Or beautiful people and wonderful places.
I finally like to go to work again and I am enjoying my free time to the fullest. I feel my life is now three times as fast as it was in the cold country which is good and bad. Good because I haven’t had a dull moment since I arrived in Singapore. Bad because there is not much time to breath and reflect.
I just wish they would finally invent this Star Track transporter so I could see all of you more often.
Now, I would like all of you to think of when would be the best time to meet up again or come visit me.
See you soon

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One Response to Annual Report

  1. Pete says:

    Super Nele,

    am besten gefällt mir der Satz mit “to be patient”; läuft ansonsten bei mir unter “aussitzen” , mit dem ebenfalls gewünschten Ergebnis. es kommt also vieles auf den Standpunkt an, von dem aus man die Welt und die darauf wuselnden menschen betrachtet. Beim Lesen von Super Nele’s post frage ich mich: hast Du denn zwischendurch auch mal Luft geholt? Nicht nur sauerstoffmässig. kurzum, ich habe mit größtem Vergnügen gelesen, wo Du überall warst und hingehst, ich freue mich mit Dir – Pete

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