Annual Report 2014

If you think last year was a crazy traveling year for me, you will be surprised about this year. I am surprised myself. The year started with a visit by Stefan and Steffie who came to Singapore and left with me to Vietnam. We spent some time in in Hanoi and had a breathtaking experience in Halong Bay. I kayaked around some of the small islands and soon our ways parted because I had to go back to my office and my friends had to continue traveling. In February my mother came for a visit to Singapore and we went to Phuket together to relax a little. In the month of March I almost felt, I am not moving at all because there was no need for me to go to the airport. But luckily, I found myself on the way to Bangkok in April to see Peggy, Oystein, and Casey and met up with Jochen, Claudia, and Felix on short notice. I made a new friend: Marie from Tokyo.

On the way back, I took Peggy with me because she needs to know that I am alright on the other side of the planet. Three weeks after Peggy left, I found myself on the road again with my roommate Vindhiya and we were climbing volcanoes and temples in Java. Definitely an adventure that I will not forget. In June, I moved to a new apartment. But I also went to Belgrade for Dragana’s and Alex’ wedding and to hang out with all my Oslo friends that made their way over to Serbia. From there I took the plane to Berlin to see friends and family, celebrate my grandma’s 88th birthday and dance at an open air music festival.

Because I am so hungry for life and I have problems standing still, I went on a mini-break to Taipei in July with my friend Katharina who I have met during Dragon Boat training in Singapore. We had a great view from Taipei 101 and went dancing at Luxy. In August, and September I needed to rest because, there should be a time where I am not constantly on the road. Also I needed to take a deep breath for the last trips of the year. Luckily, first Wiebke and then Anne stopped by Singapore for a quick hello. In October I flew down to Johannesburg to finally see Lilli again who I haven’t seen in a very log time. After that I had a quick mini-break in Bandung with Nabha, visting a vulcano and a sulfate lake. Just now I am in Tokyo because I went to a conference in Kyoto last week. As a very lucky girl, I was able to hang out with my new friend Marie that I met while being in Bangkok in April. And tomorrow I will see my friend Miki in Chiba who I have not seen in about a hundred years.

Surpisingly, from Berlin to Johannesburg and from Singapore to Tokyo young people dress in variations of what fashionable people in Stockholm would wear.

I am so grateful to be able to live this life. I know this is not how most people spend their year and most likely many people would feel this is too much. For me it is an opportunity to catch up on life again. Especially, after feeling stuck during the PhD years.

I know, I know. Most of you think Supernele is just out for a good time and parties like a rock star. But I also worked during the year and managed to get two edited volumes published that you can now buy:) I had a round table discussion with the Jordanian King, I had lunch with Singapore’s former Prime Minister, and I published a research paper. For next year, I am already working on a new volume, an international conference, and of course my own book. In addition to that, I plan to take it easy, travel less, love more, give more, breathe more, and sleep more.

As I am thinking about my year, I feel thankful for meeting a bunch of really wonderful friends on my way. The older I get, the more I have the feeling the world is my home and it is a pleasure living in it.

An what will I do for Christmas? I will fly of to Lombok on Monday to celebrate Christmas at the beach.

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