January 2016

I kind of want to write once a month now and see if that works. At least that could be a new year’s resolution. Living in Singapore, I can have them twice: Once for New Year and once for Luna New Year.
So January passed by quickly, New Year’s was at the beach in Tangalle in Sri Lanka. The first time I was in bed before midnight. Getting old now and that is mirrored in my January activities: brunch, brunch, brunch, film festival, story slam, concert, music festival, art night, walk by the beach, wine by the beach, wine by the habour and wine with waitresses dressed as fairies. Maybe that is worth mentioning. When I moved here someone told me about a bar that dresses up their waitresses as fairies, hooks them up on a cable and makes them fly up and down the fine shelf. Of course that is something I enjoy so I went a lot there until I got tiered. Then I forgot about it and this month I went twice again because it still gives me pleasure.



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