Annual Report 2016

Since so many things happen, I forgot about updating this website again.
So what kept me busy? Mostly work and travel, my friends, and my family.
It seems like time just passes by in a blink when I am entertained.

I started off the new year with an early night in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. The first time since childhood that I was in bed on New Year’s Eve before midnight. The trip to Sri Lanka was eventful and I managed to spend time with Lars and Lisa.
The best tool at the moment to keep track of what I did this year is my Instagram account. Without documenting things visually, I seem to forget easily. Might be due to my increasing age.
Luckily, this year I had the chance to see a lot of art and spend a significant amount of my free time in contemporary art exhibitions and in nature.
In January, I saw Grimes at the Laneway music festival and this woman might be one of my favorite live performers with so much energy and strength.
In February, Hedi came to visit me and we had a lovely time exploring the city. Because it was Lunar New Year most of the sights were closed so we could go out and enjoy the beach and temples in Singapore. Later that month I met up with my parents in Hong Kong and had a chance to catch up with Christoph, my room mate from the previous year.
In March I spend some days in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to enjoy Art Dubai, the global art forum, the Dubai literature festival, and some related art events. I truly enjoy my time listing to interesting people and getting updated on current trends. In the same month, I also had the opportunity to reconnect with Mona from Oslo and Shoushou from Cairo during a short stay in Bali.
In May I went to Hong Kong again and enjoyed the food and hospitality of the people who live there. In the same month, I took great joy in traveling back to Germany to see my family. Till hosted a lovely barbecue in his garden and I could get an impression of how fast Bo is growing. Lotte organized for me to give a lecture at my alma mata which was a nice change but underwhelminly visited. My friend Till surprised me with going to a trampoline park which was a day full of joy and happiness. I caught up with all of my three parents and my grandmother, as well as some of my dearest friends before I took the next plane to go to Oslo for work and my birthday. Having the greatest bunch of Norwegians and expats as friends in Oslo, my birthday picnic made my whole week. Surprisingly it was summer in Oslo during my stay which is the most amazing time of the year. Dragana and Alex were the best hosts imaginable and I am excited to meet their new family addition next time I am in town. Of course it is not only play but also work, so I participated in a conference my former PhD advisor organised and met one of my previous PhD examiners. My last day in Oslo was spend wisely with Lars at the harbor fest and we were allowed to sit on big trucks and visit huge ships.
July, I spent in the US. First with Karim, Dustin, Mauricio, and Marissa in Los Angeles and then at Chris and George’s wedding in Asheville. The wedding was super relaxed and great fun.
October was the month that I went to Gerolstein to see my parents and enjoy the greenery of the area. Later that month I went to the US again, to see Walter, Marissa, and Christina in New York, Karim, Dustin, George and Chris in Washington D.C. I managed to catch up with my first boss in Singapore who moved back home some years ago. Later, I met up with my former PhD examiner in Annapolis and talked to the students at the Naval Academy. The next day I participated at a conference in Baltimore.
In November Peggy came to visit me in Singapore for the second time already and we made use of the proximity and spent a week in Cambodia to see the impressive tempels in Angkor Wat and get a look at Phnom Pennh. Peggy is one of the very small selection of people that I can spend a stretch of two weeks with without getting tired. It was two weeks of high-fives and I noticed that I have not been laughing as much recently. Peggy made me catch up on my laughing deficiency in no time.
The rest of the year I will spend catching up on work, visiting my cousin Sony in Melakka and traveling to Ho Chi Minh City with Nadia and Nabha for Christmas.

Work-wise, I initiated the first Middle East Film Festival in town and surprisingly it was a success. Otherwise I did not manage to publish another edited volume this year. But it will be there next year.

Politically, this year was full of surprises and I am interested to see what the future brings.

This year six of my closer friends in Singapore moved away and that makes me sad but luckily the planet is small enough and technology goes far when wanting to stay in touch. Before they left, I tried to spend as much time as possible with Walter, Karim, Dustin, George, Chris and Andrew. Through the years, I learned that if you like to stay in touch, there is always a possibility. Nothing enriches my life more than connect to the people I love.

The flat mate of the year award goes to Andrew.
Best Patrick of the year goes to Patrick.
Best baker of the year goes to Charlotte.
Best bar-hopping buddy goes to Nabha.
Best bears goes to Karim and Dustin.
Best life-advice-giver goes to Chris.

What did I learn this year? Trying to relax and spending enough time in different forests, I learned that I have to think about investing my money, and I continue to work on being more calm and letting go of my ego.

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